Different Styles of Double Strollers to Choose From

When you are shopping for double strollers, you might have noticed a few different styles to choose from. Before you can begin reading different double stroller reviews, it is in your best interest to decide on which style to go with. One style will be suited for you and your lifestyle more than another. Getting stuck with a double stroller that does not meet your needs will just be frustrating to you and your kids. Spend some time deciding which style will work, so you are sure to get the best double stroller for you.

Side-by-Side Double Stroller

This style of double stroller is exactly what it sounds like. It looks like two single strollers that have been connected side-by-side. The children sit next to each other. The length of the stroller is like a single stroller. From this aspect it is easier to maneuver around in places. The width of the stroller can be troublesome if you are not careful. Some of these types do not fit through standard sized doorways. If you will be going through a lot of standard doors, make sure you get a stroller that is less than 32 inches wide. Some models allow infant car seats to be snapped in to them as well. One of the most popular styles of side-by-side double strollers is the Britax B-Agile Double Stroller.

Tandem Double strollers


In this type of stroller, the children are positioned with one in front of the other. Kind of like a tandem bicycle, but a stroller instead. The largest down fall on these kinds of strollers is that they are longer, and some parents feel like they are pushing a bus around. They do have some advantages though, that parents are quick to point out in double stroller reviews. They are the width of a single stroller, allowing them to fit through narrow doors much more easily. There is also more room for the kids. The seats are not made more narrow allowing children to have a little more room to grow. The Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller is a very popular model of a tandem style double stroller.

Sit and Stand Double Stroller

These styles of strollers are best when you have a toddler who wants to walk sometimes, and ride other times, and a smaller child that will be riding all the time. The front seat allows the smaller child to sit and ride, and in the rear there is a small bench seat, or a platform for the toddler to stand on. Allowing children to choose between walking and standing makes them much happier, which makes parents much happier. They are narrow like a single stroller, but because there are not two full-sized seats, they are not as long as a tandem double stroller. It is kind of a compromise between them, bringing the best of both worlds in one stroller. One model of this style of stroller that is popular with parents is the Graco Ready2Grow Classic Connect LX Stroller.

I hope knowing a little more about the differences in the types of double strollers that are available helps you make an informed choice about the best double stroller for you and your family. It is possible you will need more then one style to meet your needs, and that is okay to. Not everyone is going to be able to make do with one stroller. Figure out which you need and look at double stroller reviews to help narrow the list down even further for choosing the right stroller.